His presence speaks volumes. With no limits he creates.

His Art World Experience

The Man Behind The Excellence!

In order for you to experience his inspiration and its origin, you must know his work…only then will you come to know Shellton LaBron (SL) in full detail. Anyone can write a bio, but his work of art tell the in-depth story. He loves art and art loves him back!

Learning starts at home and the art of creativity was no exception in Shellton LaBron’s upbringing. Having a desire for expression, wanting to know how to draw and create beautiful art, were the catalyst to the conversation with his mother which sparked his determination to create the unique style of his art. She asked, “how do you know you can’t create wonderful work until you try”? From that moment SL started to develop his stylized, conceptual, and expressive art loved by family, friends and art collectors. Born in Statesboro Georgia, SL has traveled and lived in various parts of the southeast United States. He went on to college to major in both Family and Consumer Science and Business Marketing at South Carolina State University. Later during his matriculation, he found a love for Fashion Design and enrolled in Atlanta’s Bauder Fashion College. But, no matter what, the thirst to create fine art continued to be first in his heart.

He is influenced by the famous masters of art, Salvador Dali, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci. He makes no qualms about how he feels about their talents. However, his love for the known greats of the past does not eliminate his admiration for the upcoming and modern day stars of the art world that he has come to be enamored with. Shellton LaBron is inspired by modern artists such as the likes of:Home Design Star artist David Bromstad, Tim Gagnon, Boris Vallejo, Thomas Kinkade, and Andrew Wyeth. He holds great respect for them and considers them the top artists of the 21st century.

The natural world and surreal imagery, colors, forms and beauty captivate him. SL believes that any object or subject can be applied to a surface and used to convey thoughts and imagination. He strongly believes in all types of mediums and experimentation is one of his key strengths. He loves to add texture and depth while trying to provoke deep emotions and moods in his work. Abstract, Conceptualization, and Surrealism are his main modes of creativity, but not exclusively. SL considers art as universal, so he creates with the cosmos in mind. SL is very keen when it comes to utilizing and placing tantalizing and innovative concepts together. He wants the world to experience his touch of human ingenuity as he portrays an unbound and flowing energy that is in all of us. Come experience his vibe at his next show!


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